We partner with businesses like yours to ease your metal finishing needs.
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We grow as you do, so we've built our business to help you win with your customers. We look at this as a partnership. Your problems become ours. We're all in.

We're mutually invested in your customer's success.

We offer pick ups and deliveries so you can keep your crew on the floor producing for you. We can also do some light welding, assembly, and repair to fill in the gaps.

We'll Help you focus on what you do best.

You can have the confidence to build your bid from ours. We'll even pre-bid your job for you. Know what to expect... no surprises on the final invoice.

What we bid is
what you pay.

We know we're the last in line before you can deliver and invoice, so we have flexible turnarounds to deliver on your schedule. Typical turnaround times are 2-10 days.

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Experience you
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more than
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We partner with incredible companies like:

Utilizing a batch system we have great flexibility in the size, weight, and geometry of parts we can process. Whether you have thousands of parts in a single run or single parts as large as 25 feet and 10,000 lbs, we can ensure each piece gets the quality finish you’re committed to providing for your customers.

In addition, we provide media blasting, disassembly and re-assembly, drop shipping, light welding & repair, as well as pick up and delivery.



Pick Up
And Delivery

5 Stage


Up to
30 feet long


Up to
10,000 pounds

Our capabilities... in support of your business.

We'd love to chat with you about how we can support your business and it's needs. We work with all industries as long as they work with metal! Here's a snapshot you may be able to find yourself in.

We don't play favorites

Except for metal. We love metal.

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We offer two distinct powder products to enhance your product's aesthetics, durability and performance. Please reach out with any questions, we'd love to meet you and answer them.

Products designed to enhance yours.

Two amazing powders.

○  Superior Aesthetics
○  Superior Corrosion Resistance
○  Superior Impact Resistance
○  Can Be Repaired in the Field
○  Structurally Flexibility
○  Superior Chemical Resistance
○  Superior Fade Resistance
○  Superior in Cold Weather
○  Standard Color Choices
○  Color Matching Available
○  Gloss Finish


Thermoset powder is the standard in permanent applications. Here are some of the benefits:

○ Excellent Aesthetics
○ Excellent Corrosion Resistance
○ Excellent Impact Resistance
○ High Heat Resistance
○ Structurally Rigid
○ Excellent Chemical Resistance
○ Excellent Fade Resistance
○ Excellent in Cold Weather
○ Vast Color Choices
○ Color Matching Available
○ Multiple Finish Options


Thermoplastic Powder is a premium product with exceptional characteristics as listed below:

306 14th Avenue South, Clear Lake, IA 50428

306 14th Avenue South
Clear Lake, IA 50428

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